Background Information For Purchasing Honeycomb Calcite

The Honeycomb Calcite stone shown on this site are for sale by Desert Homestead Stone Products LLC.  For this unique natural stone, there is no 'shopping cart' for purchase.  Contact Bart Santello at info@stoneproducts.biz for additional information, customization for your order.  

Some information to consider when purchasing is as follows:

All sizes are approximate due to the varying shape of each piece of this natural stone.  Unless specified by the customer, or, described herein, all stone will require additional work to ready for sale.  Such finishing may include: Polishing, acid-washing, cutting and grinding.  The customer is welcome to specify custom finishing or sculpting: Additional fees may apply depending on the scope of the customization.  

The stone may contain natural defects such as pockets. inclusions of other stone or ancient clay.  These imperfections usually add to the beauty and uniqueness of the stone.  Also note that this stone is vulnerable to UV degradation of color (lightens) over the years if in direct sunlight.  A liquid UV coating will provide some degree of protection.  Indoor placement of the stone with use of artificial lighting, candles and UV-protected windows will maintain the stone's color integrity.

Payment can be made by check, money order, Visa/Mastercard, or, via PayPal on the Internet.  Shipping is not included in the price.  Some stones weighing more than 100-lbs will require custom packaging and trucking services. Free delivery is possible in the Phoenix and Tucson areas of Arizona.  Please allow 4-8 weeks to complete finishing of the stone, packing and shipping.

Placing and mounting of the stone in the home is the customer's responsibility.  

Note: Honeycomb Calcite is a trademark of Colors of the Wind LLC

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